Cephalus and Procris

This short animation is a modern retelling of the classical Greek story of Cephalus, the hunter, and his wife Procris. It was made for a school project.

ATX logo

Logo and branding for ATX, a manufacturer of high-end strength training equipment.

Zuyd Decanen

An animated infographic about the Student Counselors of Zuyd University. The video informs new students about the tasks of the Student Counselors and explains when and how the students can contact them. This project was done together with Zjelco Felder and Najim Pijou.

Fitness Seller webshop re-design

I made a new design for the Dutch fitness & training equipment webshop Fitness Seller. The previous design was five years old and was one of my first website designs.

Fitness Seller advertisement

Avertisement targeting the most popular New Year's Resolutions: lose weight and exercise more.

Short film

Short film about a man. Very loosely based on the short story To Build a Fire, by Jack London.


Instructional video for the fictional TravelBuddy mobile application, a school project. Many thanks to Najim Pijou's After Effects magic.

The Escape

A music video that was shot in an abandoned zoo, dressed up as The Bloody Beetroots. Thanks to Bram Vandeberg.

Business cards

Designed new business cards for Fitness Seller.

FairPhone: The cave

The second animatic for the FairPhone project.

FairPhone: Mobile date

The first of two animatics that were created as a school assignment, for the FairPhone project.

Fenix website redesign

Redesign of the website of a concert hall, created as a theme for Wordpress.

Web June 2010

X-Men alternative title sequence

An alternative title sequence to Bryan Singer's X‑Men (2000). This video was made as a school project for my Motion Design class and was created in Adobe After Effects.

Fitness Seller flyer

A flyer created for Fitness Seller, an online shop for fitness & sporting goods. The wide range of products is emphasized.

Tourists From Space

For the User Centered Design class we had to create a marketing campaign for a new concept. The Tourists From Space concept was designed to raise donations for charities.

Web April 2009

Flyer for a magazine article

This flyer is part of a school project which included a layout design for a fictional magazine.

Magazine design

A layout design for a fictional magazine, created for a school project. The article is in Dutch and is about a refugee camp in Sri Lanka.

Webdesign for Rondje Lezen

Website design for Rondje Lezen, a two-day festival for motivating children to read more.

Web February 2009

Game City webdesign

Webdesign for a game retailer.

Web December 2008

Tally-Ho webdesign

Redesign of a company website for a school assigment.

Web November 2008

Webdesign for iSellPens

Redesign of a company website for a school assigment.

Web November 2008

Secret entrance

More than meets the eye! Another school assigment, this time about a secret entrance.

Metropolis collage

The big city. This collage was made as part of a school assignment.

Life's a beach

This illustration had to be recreated as part of a school excersice, in order to explore the Adobe Illustrator software program. The original design was made by my professor.

Big city life tagged

A concept for a school assignment about the metropolis.

Fitness Seller webshop design

Website design for a Dutch webshop that sells fitness & training equipment. I have since made a new design.

Web February 2007

About me

Hi, I'm a beginning graphic designer and web developer, in my twenties and from the Netherlands. I study Communication & Multimedia Design and work at a fitness & sporting goods store. I am a fan of good food, good music, good films, and good books.

Pixelcowboys is my creative sandbox and online portfolio where I experiment with all sorts of projects, often drawing inspiration and learning from interesting works of amazing designers and developers from all over the world.

Listening to

A friend took me to the White Lies concert in Tilburg, what a surpise! Fantastic concert, I am listening to the albums all day long now.

Last seen

Wow. What an amazing film. I absolutely loved Drive. Simply a beautiful film with a great soundtrack, definitely recommended!

Currently reading

After finishing the first two books, I am now reading the third and last part of Stieg Larssons' Millennium Trilogy: The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets' Nest. Can't wait to see the films!